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10 Bucket List Kayaking Expeditions

10 Bucket List Kayaking Expeditions

No matter whether you are a kayaking newbie or an experienced paddler, if you have ever taken to the water you will know just what an incredible experience it can be. It truly is one of the best ways to see the world from an entirely new perspective – so it is no wonder that so many people add kayaking through some of the world’s best rivers and oceans to their bucket list.

The trouble is, Mother Nature has created an awe-inspiring world, which means trying to narrow your bucket list down to a handful of locations is a very tough decision. To help you discover some of the most incredible destinations in the world, we have put together our top ten kayaking bucket list expeditions that you might want to add to your list as well…

1) Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Sea of CortezThe Sea of Cortez is one of the world’s most truly breath-taking landscapes and is often considered a paddler’s dream. While the area might be famous for the Baja desert race, it is quickly becoming the go-to location for kayaker s too.

The large body of water is home to some of the most diverse range of sea creatures in the world and over the course of your trip, you can see everything from whales and dolphins to giant sharks and squids. With such an abundance of marine life to see, the Sea of Cortez is a popular fishing location for kayakers too.

Despite its growing popularity, the area still manages to retain a charm of solitude and will leave you feeling like you are the only person for miles. In addition to schools of fish, the turquoise water also laps at some stunning landscapes and volcanic cliffs that you can get up close to and view from the comfort of your kayak.

2) Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

The Kenai Fjords in Alaska are a truly once in a lifetime kayaking experience for people across the globe. The area is connected Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaskato the Gulf of Alaska, which means the waters are not designed for beginners, and visitors should always head out with a guide where possible.

There are over 750 miles of beautiful remote wilderness to explore and you will be able to kayak through stunning glaciers, hidden coves, and caves that come straight from the ice age. There are dozens of camping sites dotted along the shoreline, allowing you to make this an in-depth trip of a lifetime.

If you are able to take your eyes off of the incredible landscapes then in the water swimming around you will be a host of incredible marine life, including sea lions, orcas, and, if you are lucky, even humpback whales!

3) The Belize Barrier Reef

If kayaking through the icecaps is not your thing, then heading to the paradise of the Belie Barrier Reef should make your bucket list. Belize is made up of over 450 lush Caribbean islands, each one packed with palm tree

Belize Barrier Reef

s, sandy beaches, and tropical creatures.

The huge barrier reef that connects the islands is the second largest in the world and is made up of nearly 100 different types of coral, which is home to hundreds of species of fish. The crystal clear waters will let you see straight to the bottom of the ocean, getting up close with the incredible marine life.

One of the biggest attractions of the area is its year-round warm waters, letting you stop off to go snorkeling and explore the incredible area even further. With such balmy evenings, the Belize islands also make for the perfect location to watch the sunset while kayaking.

4) Galápagos National Park, Ecuador

The Galápagos Islands in Ecuador are nicknamed Charles Darwin’s paradise but with some restrictions on where you can go, Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

you should always head out with a guide to ensure you can see the best possible spots.

Heading away from the beaten track will unlock the true beauty of these volcanic islands, letting you discover some stunning shorelines that will likely be playing host to giant tortoises, sea lions, and penguins!

The smooth and calm waters of the region mean it is a great place for beginners and if the excitement of seeing some rare wildlife is not enough, the huge rocky islands, formed by millennia ago by volcanic explosions are something to behold.

5) Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Based between the beaches of Croatia and Montenegro, the Dalmatian Coast plays host to an incredible 1,200 islands which Island of Hvar, Dalmatian Coast, Croatiamake no two kayaking trips the same. Every day you head out on the crystal clear waters will see you exploring hundreds of coral reefs and stunning hidden coves.

Dubbed some of the bluest stretches of water in the entire world, in between all of the island hopping you can see some incredible natural rock structures, centuries-old fortresses, and Venetian palaces.Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

If you need to take a break from that gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, then there are plenty of small towns to stop off at and sample the delicious local delicacies, with every ingredient sourced locally to ensure you can experience true authenticity.

With such a vast area to experience, knowing the right routes can take some planning, but there are also dozens of tour guides available to help you make this a truly once in a lifetime trip.

6) Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist spot in Vietnam, however, very few tourists get to experience in the same way that you can Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

from the cockpit of a kayak. Paddling through the serene waters of the bay is a memory that will say with you forever, as you explore the hidden coves and isolated lagoons in the area.

The emerald waters are suitable for kayakers of all abilities and the rainforest lined limestone islands are some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. If you want to experience the local culture, then there are dozens of fishing villages dotted around, with friendly locals always happy to chat with tourists.

7) Semitic Fjord, Greenland

What could be a better experience to add to your kayaking bucket list than paddling through the genuine arctic fjords! Although Greenlandin the winter months much of the area is a frozen landscape, in the summer months you can explore the calm and tranquil fjords; witnessing incredible icebergs, and rugged ice sheets.Greenland

The area is the birthplace of the kayak and as you explore the ancient region you will feel like you are traveling back thousands of years. As if the breathtaking landscape was not enough, the Greenland fjords are also home to some truly amazing wildlife and the chances are you will be seeing some inquisitive seals stopping nearby your kayak.

With lots of incredible tours to take advantage of, it is well worth venturing out with guide as they guarantee to take you to the best location to hear the thunderous sounds of the icebergs cracking, smell the wonderful summer fauna and meet the friendly locals.

8) Zambezi River, Africa

What could be better than experiencing one of the most famous rivers in the world? Seeing one of the seven natural wonders! Zambezi, AfricaThe Zambezi River is an incredible bucket list destination and kayaking down it will be like heading out on safari and you will be able to witness herds of elephants, see giant hippos, grazing water buffalo and even some fearsome lions.

The Zambezi is not a river for the faint-hearted so it should only be a destination for experienced kayakers. Although there are some wild rapids, there are also

Zambezi, Africa

some calm and tranquil sections that will allow you to take in the incredible views.

As the river flows down to the Indian Ocean, the warm waters will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush and you will pass by plenty of waterfalls along the way, however, it is the Victoria Falls that make this trip such a bucket list item. At 1,708m in length, it is the world’s largest waterfall and is considered one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World.

9) Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

If you have never seen a coral reef, then you should add one to your kayaking bucket list – and the Ningaloo Reef on the Ningaloo Reef, Western AustraliaWestern Coast of Australia is one of the best to experience.

The area is packed full of tropical wildlife, including countless species of fish, manta rays, turtles, and at certain times of the year, you can even see humpback whales.

The biggest attraction of the region, however, is the reclusive whale sharks. The Ningaloo Reef area is famous for being the global hub for these animals and you will be able to get up close and see these rare animals in the flesh from your kayak.

The world heritage listed area is a truly beautiful stretch of ocean and the stunning turquoise lagoons are an incredible area to kayak around, for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

10) Fiordland, New Zeland

Fiordland, New Zealand

Sea kayaking in Fiordland in New Zealand is an experience like no other. Paddling through the stunning lakes and coves

will see you lose yourself amongst some of the most truly breathe taking views in the world.

The region plays host to multiple lakes, each one offering something different – from lush beaches to thick mountain forests.

Fiordland, New ZealandIf you want to get back to nature, then there is also plenty of campsites to choose from to make it a true escape from the hustle and bustle.

It can be quite a rugged region and the wind has been known to be strong at times, while the water levels can rise and decrease quite rapidly. That is why it is always a wise idea to head out with an experienced guide to ensure you can safely traverse the incredible fiords.

Kayak On!

Of course, these are just ten of the thousands of possible kayaking trips that you could add to your bucket list. We hope these can inspire you into planning your bucket trip kayaking adventure and get you out there to turn those dreams into a reality!

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10 Kayak Expeditions


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